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TABASCO® Pepper Sauce is the seasoning for many dishes and is distinguished from other pepper sauces by its intense taste. TABASCO® is particularly suitable for adding more flavor to pizzas, meat, pasta sauces and many other dishes. Since 1868 the TABASCO® Pepper Sauce has been produced in the same fashion. Once the sun-ripened peppers have the perfect deep red color they are picked by hand. At the factory, the peppers are crushed and mixed with Avery Island salt.

TABASCO® Original Red Pepper Sauce is available in a 60ml, 150ml, 350ml and 430ml bottle. Sriracha Sauce is available in a 256ml bottle. The spiciest Scorpion is available in a 60 ml. TABASCO® Green Pepper Sauce (a milder version with jalapeño peppers), the Chipotle (with smoked jalapeño peppers), Habanero (extra spicy) and Garlic variety are available in a 60ml and 150ml bottle. Larger sizes, TABASCO® articles and spicy promotional materials are now also available from the European TABASCO® web shop.

TABASCO® and the DIAMOND and BOTTLE LOGOS are trademarks of and licensed by McIlhenny Company, Avery Island, Louisiana, 70513 USA.

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