Did you know that the origin of each cocoa bean in Swiss chocolate tablets is known and traceable? Swiss is involved in the production process from ‘bean to bar’! A ‘bean to bar’ chocolate maker is a chocolate maker who is responsible for purchasing the cocoa beans, roasting himself, grinding the nibs himself, adding other flavoring ingredients, slowly conching and then pouring the couverture into a mold. In short, the chocolate is made entirely from cocoa beans to bar its own process. The origin and quality of each cocoa bean has a big influence on the taste!

The assortment of Swiss chocolate consists of a total of 4 tablets. The 72% cocoa tablets 100g are available in the delicious flavors Hazelnut, Dark en Coffee. For the real cocoa lovers there is the Extra Dark Collection. This flavor contains no less than 78% cocoa and is therefore even more intense in taste! The Swiss Noir Finest Collection is available in the Noir taste, in a 100g tablet.

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