Mrs. H.S. Ball's
MRS BALLS Original Chutney South Africa’s favourite, the perfect all round use that adds that distinctive flavour to every meal.

A family name and soon to be the most loved chutney in South Africa, Mrs H.S. Ball’s Chutney™ was created with the Ball family crest on the top of the label. The Woodstock factory opened in 1917 to meet escalating demand, and our most-loved bottle started to travel around the world. 

Available in 470 ml and 860 ml Glass bottles in several mouthwatering flavors like Original, Jalopeno, Hot, Extra Hot and Chakalaka chutney.

Few lovers of the saucy Mrs H.S. Ball’s Chutney™ will know that our recipe survived a shipwreck!

In 1852, the SS Quanza was shipwrecked off East London, South Africa, en route from Canada to Australia. It was Captain Adkins and his wife who saved a blueprint for what was to become one of SA’s most unique and priceless culinary icons. This secret recipe was passed on to their daughter, Amelia, in 1865, who later married Mr Herbert Sandleton Ball. During 1914, demand for the wholesome, piquant and fruity flavour grew bigger and bigger. And soon the Ball kitchen was transformed into a makeshift production line. Mrs H.S. Ball’s Chutney was home, and ready to tickle the taste buds of chutney lovers across the globe.

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