Havanna Dulce de Leche – Havanna 250g

Havanna Dulce de Leche – An iconic symbol from Argentina. Local market leader and worldwide renowned for its indulgent range of products. A harmonious combination of cow’s milk, sugar and vanilla, this is one of the most popular dulce de leches in South America. Rich and gooey, it is stuffed into dessert crepes, cakes, used to sweeten espresso (drizzle in the bottom of a mug before filling it with espresso and steamed milk!), smeared on biscuits and even eaten straight up. 


Dulce de leche was born on June 24, 1829 at the La Caledonia ranch, where the Pact of Cañuelas was signed between Juan Manuel de Rosas and the unitary army commander, Juan Lavalle. The story goes that a maid was preparing a hot sweetened milk with which the mates were taken at that time. When Lavalle arrived, tired from the trip, he lay down on the cot where Rosas usually rested. Seeing the enemy chief, the woman ran to look for the guard, but forgot the milk in the fire. On returning the miracle had occurred; its color changed and thickened, giving casual origin to the traditional dulce de leche.

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